Christmas seson

Now that Christmas Season is upon us once again it’s time for all of the people in the fashion world, and that means the rest of us, to get into the Christmas Spirit and start purchasing products for our loved ones so that we can all have a gift underneath the tree. Maybe you don’t have enough money to put any gifts underneath the tree this year, but then it’s just another year in the world and the fact that some people didn’t save money for Christmas is their own problem.

But in the hand bag world there are a lot of different options this year for Christmas presents and it’s going to be a great year for the hand bag section of the market place, because the very best hand bags on the market are being displayed in all different types of department stores but it’s just a matter of time till the best ones are gone and you’re out of luck so be sure to check out some of these articles to get your chance at the best hand bags on the market this year.

Christmas is a great time of year, but the best hand bag for any weekend of the year goes to Deux Lux and it’s very cool, very ample, very sexy hand bag that is made of woven faux black leather and red lining. It’s that sexy combination of black and red that makes this hand bag really special, and it’s size of course.

This hand bag is so big that you could easily fit enough of your clothes and shoes for a couple days worth of time, and if you’re going on a short weekend getaway for the holidays you know that this will be the bag that you will want to bring. It just makes sense that you’re going to want a bag that is big enough to carry your stuff but not too bulky and big that it’s hard to carry around. This bag from Deux Lux is the perfect, proportional size to having enough space for your stuff but not being too bulky.

The main body of the bag is black leather and it’s really the texture of the leather that makes it so awesome and unique. It’s the type of texture that you like to rub your hands on over and over again because you can just tell it was hand stitched and just very finely manufactured. Also the bright red strap adds a hint of flare to the bag that makes it a little bit sexier and makes it stand out in the fashion world and of course out in the regular world too.

It’s important to have a good Christmas gift underneath the tree, but it’s also important to stay practical with your gift decisions and this bag only costs $245 at retail but easily can be bought from some sketchy guy on the street for like $200. Just be careful of the knock off people, but if you get the real thing you got a real snag.

Hand Bag Fashion Show

Here are the latest designs for the 2016 year. They will be here just in time for christmas. Just look at how fabulous they are. Each european hand bag label is really bringing their a game for this holiday season.

I see a lot of inspiration from the 2011 collection that Miche did. Just watch the video and you will see what I am talking about!


Black Friday and Now Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is starting to look for their best Christmas gift options, and now that Black Friday has passed and all of the Wal-Mart’s and Best Buys have been ransacked by all of the crazy bargain hunters it’s actually time to head to your local shopping mall and find some gifts that you’ll be proud to open up for yourself under the tree, and a gift that will make you look good for that special moment when you see that cute guy from work while you’re standing under the office’s mistletoe. We know you’ve been thinking about it, so just in case you’re curious about what type of accessories and stuff you may need when the time comes, here is this year’s best date night hand bag that will be awesome for you when you’re going on a night on the town with that special someone.

This year’s best date night hand bag goes to Kate Spade, because she’s just freaking awesome and everyone loves her and her products so much. It’s hard not to like Kate Spade, especially because her products are so much more affordable than her competitors like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. Those companies can get a little ridiculous with their prices, but you’re relatively safe when you’re shopping at Kate Spade, it’s just a matter of opinion and size of wallet though when it comes to wanting to purchase hand bags from those other brands.

But this particular hand bag from Kate Spade is very sleek and it’s definitely easy to carry around, and of course it looks very sexy. It’s very little and only can carry so much, but if you’re going out you’re going to want to keep your bag as little as possible. Its all black leather with beautiful silver studs all over it designed very symmetrically of course. And oh my goodness, the strap is absolutely beautiful and it’s also pretty small so you can slyly throw it over your shoulder or let it hang, there are definitely a lot of options with this hand bag.

Of course it also is from Kate Spade and that makes it a little bit cheaper than a lot of other hand bags out there on the market, but who cares as long as it looks great, right? The retail price of this hand bag comes in at one hundred and seventy eight dollars, and trust us that’s a great deal when it comes to this type of bag and what it means to the fashion world.

We’re really proud to announce that this particular hand bag is the number one accessory when it comes to a great date night on the town with that special someone. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to a Kate Spade and get your sexy hand bag ready for that night or get as a gift for you daughter who you know is going out on dates all the time with a bunch of different guys.


The Fashion World

The fashion world is absolutely raving over the fact that fall of 2015 has officially ended and it’s now time to go into the Winter of 2015 and wait for it, the beginning of 2016 fashion lines! It’s going to be an exciting year in 2016 as a lot of the biggest hand bag manufacturers are freaking out about the new currency exchange in China where most of their production facilities are located. Now that China’s Yuan currency isn’t as inflated as it used to be, we can now see more expensive prices in most of the fashion world, but for the most part that doesn’t mean anything in the fashion world because money isn’t necessarily a big deal when you have more than enough money to go around an entire company and hoard it for the board of executives.

One of the more exciting hand bags on the market for 2016 and the upcoming winter has got to be the very sleek, very sexy, very luxurious Phillip Lim bag that’s very green. It’s really in the color of a lentil, and everyone knows just how yummy lentil soup is and that it can really tasty on a cold winter day in 2016! Let’s just hope no one gets upset and wants to pour any lentils into your bag when they see how pretentious it looks.

Hand bags are definitely one of the biggest parts of women’s fashion, and that’s because hand bags are very usable and women use them all the time on a daily basis. And because women use hand bags on a daily basis, they get worn out quickly and they always are looking to buy a new, better version of something they already have. It’s a huge marketing ploy, but everyone understands that what they have isn’t quite good enough, and that’s what advertisements and marketing strategies are all about in the first place.

But this Phillip Lim bag is definitely the type of bag that will turn some heads, and I’m not just talking about those heads you don’t want turned on to you because of the look of the bag, I’m talking about Vogue Magazine Editors turning their heads on the streets of Manhattan just to get a better look at your bag.

It’s very simple and just one, light green leather design, but it’s in its simplicity that makes it such a great purchase. No one wants to be super flamboyant with their bag, it’s embarrassing enough that you have to carry a bag with you wherever you go so you might as well make your bag be as subtle as you possibly can. It’s no big deal or anything but this bag has enough storage for all of your stuff and it doesn’t stand out like a cheetah print, that’s actually from a real cheetah.

With this bag you’re going to look great, feel great and know that other people think you look great and feel great, and that’s what is more important.